“Don’t let your past hold you back – you can be who you truly want to be.”

Growing up in the 1950s when difficult subjects were swept under the carpet, Angelika grew up in an environment of domestic violence and suffered years of trauma and sexual abuse as a child. Her abuser told her that she would never come to anything. She was made to feel inadequate and worthless.

Being strong and intelligent, Angelikarealised that she could change her life.  Her past was not her destiny! Through a process of learning and self-development, she accepted her past and looked to the future, ultimately working in various fulfilling roles in the corporate world for many years.

Eventually, Angelika realised that her purpose and passion in life was to help others reach a place of acceptance and wellbeing. For the past 17 years, she had helped to transform many people’s lives. At one stage she qualified and practiced as a Bowen therapist, but in recent years focuses on mentoring, workshops and speaking opportunities, enabling people to live a joyful, fulfilling life.

Helpingyouto move on from adversity and develop a positive mental attitude, Angelika’s programme of workshops and one-to-one sessions highlights where your negative beliefs are, how they’re holding you back, and helps you to achieve specific goals tore-create your life. If you would like Angelika to help you make changes for life,or would like her to speak at an event, contact her at


At the core of Angelika’s work is her formula to living a life free from pain and full of joy:

Acceptance + Belief + Choice = Change

Change your story, change for life

“Angelika shares her very personal story in this book.  The world needs more honesty like this; it is a true tale of courage and determination”. Dr Joanna Martin – Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

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