Do you want to …


  • Develop your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Work out your aspirations for your career and personal life?
  • Overcome limiting beliefs such as self-image?
  • Get more out of your life and lose the limiting beliefs that are not yours?
  • Reconnect to who you really are?
  • Let go of the painful ‘traps’ of the past?
  • Uncover the key emotion for changing your life?
  • Feel that you always have a choice; even if you don’t currently see it?
  • Become the hidden, beautiful you?
  • Discover how thoughts affect our reality?
  • Find out why we experience the life we have already had and the lessons to apply for a happier future?
  • And much, much more…

1-to-1 / Mentoring

Change your story to discover a new you in a personalised session that will explore your story and your limited beliefs, negative emotions and fears. Start the journey of moving on, and change the story from what holds you back from being the best you can be and more!

“Angelika is passionate, confidential and energising and above all, committed to helping you succeed.”

Mentoring or coaching sessions are carried out 1-to-1 face to face or over Skype with an agreed action plan undertaken in between each session.

I provide encouragement, a different perspective and a unique technique combined with years of experience, to enable you to identify your personal or professional aspirations and change your belief system to achieve your aspirations … The results are life-changing, transforming your mind, body and spirit.

Who will benefit from coaching?

People from all walks of life can benefit from the lessons of life experience. It is ageless and it’s not about who you are, what you are or what you do, it is about YOU! Make the changes you desire, no matter how small or large, become who you are and live according to your values and beliefs.

Get in touch to find out more about transformational mentoring – sessions are done face-to-face or anywhere in the world via Skype.

Free 30 minute consultation

Would like a brief consultation to see if life personal development is the way to help you and achieve the changes you would like to make in your life?