My talks offer inspiration based upon my personal experiences to demonstrate how you can find acceptance in your life. Acceptance about what has happened or not happened – that cannot be changed, but you can gain an understanding of how certain experiences have a direct negative impact on your belief system and realise that you always have a choice.

Overcoming past experiences and how you feel about them is key to changing your belief about yourself and becoming free to be you.

Create change in your life

In my talks I introduce some of the processes I had to go through to completely turn my life around and which inspired my ABChange4Life programme. These processes gave me the confidence and strength to overcome the effects of my early life experiences. They enabled me to move out of a place of pain, despair, guilt, shame and a total lack of self-esteem.

Now I am reconnected with the person that I truly am. I have a new sense of self-acceptance and empowerment. I am finally free to be me. Make no mistake, this is not your average ‘positive thinking’ event! What I share with you comes from a place of hard-nosed experience.

So perhaps you have some tough life challenges of your own to deal with? Maybe you are just feeling stuck in a rut? Whatever your personal situation, my aim is to inspire you to make those changes which will help you get what you want out of life.

Want to create change in your life?

If you would like help to make changes for life, or would like me to speak at an event, please get in touch.