Angelika Breukers talking on stage
Angelika Breukers talking with participant on stage
Angelika Breukers talking on stage

My belief is ‘There is always a way’.

In my presentations, you discover how the ABC Change-4-Life essential building blocks helps you build a stronger platform from which you make your transition to a life with more freedom from emotional pain including despair, hopelessness, fear as well as …

  • How to let go of the painful ‘traps’ of the past
  • The key emotion for changing your life
  • You always have a choice … even if you don’t currently see it!
  • The hidden, beautiful you
  • How thoughts affect your reality
  • Why we experience the life we have already had … and the lessons to apply for a happier future
  • How to produce the magic of balance in your life
  • And much, much more …

Make no mistake, this is not your average ‘positive thinking’ event! What I share with you comes from a place of hard-nosed experience (by learning from my story and experiences you may not have to endure much longer!).

You leave with concrete, practical steps and methods to change how you feel and experience the world. ‘Touched’ and ‘refreshed’, you can look forward to moving forward with hope, self-worth a new found perspective of life.

Tears, laughter, joy and love… experience all of these at my transformational presentations.


It is probably no accident that you are reading these words. It has been said the soul knows exactly where it is going. If you feel drawn to this message then take action, book or reserve your place at the next event. For private consultations please contact me.

Create change in your life

In my talks I introduce some of the processes I had to go through to completely turn my life around and which inspired my ABChange4Life programme. These processes gave me the confidence and strength to overcome the effects of my early life experiences. They enabled me to move out of a place of pain, despair, guilt, shame and a total lack of self-esteem.

Now I am reconnected with the person that I truly am. I have a new sense of self-acceptance and empowerment. I am finally free to be me. Make no mistake, this is not your average ‘positive thinking’ event! What I share with you comes from a place of hard-nosed experience.

So perhaps you have some tough life challenges of your own to deal with? Maybe you are just feeling stuck in a rut? Whatever your personal situation, my aim is to inspire you to make those changes which will help you get what you want out of life.

How do I know the power of these lessons? Well, there is absolutely no theory based teachings in my presentations… it is all based on life experience.

In my groundbreaking talks, I share my story and the many powerful insights I’ve learnt, with you as they could potentially make a big difference to your life.

In my compelling, harrowing and ultimately uplifting personal story, I’ll expose how I overcame what for many would be cataclysmic events and circumstances to forge a new life of fulfilment, happiness and joy.

And this is despite originally thinking it was impossible to do.

I’m not doing this to impress you… but to impress on you that no matter how difficult life may seem, when you have the right knowledge and tools you can change.

And sometimes far quicker than expected.

Bringing together surprising and refreshing takes on life, I’ll provide you with practical and immediate steps that you can adopt to make a difference to your life experience… no matter how bad you feel it is now.

Want to create change in your life?

If you would like help to make changes for life, or would like me to speak at an event, please get in touch.