Stop Worrying and Start Living

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Do you wake up in the morning feeling unrested? Do you waste time overthinking? You may be worrying too much about your life.

Worrying is feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about a certain situation or problem, even if that something hasn’t happened yet. It is a major source of stress and can have a serious effect on your health. Excessive worrying may interfere with your appetite, lifestyle, relationships and job performance.

With all the undesirable things that worrying brings to a person, how can you stop worrying and start living your life?

Do not assume.

Notice how most of the things that you are worrying about haven’t even happened yet. Worrying fills your mind with negative assumptions.  You feel five steps ahead of the situation, as if you have already predicted the (negative) outcome of something, which is irrational. False assumptions are all products of your own monsters creating a story in your head. Once you allow them to, they will consume your entire mind.

Do something. 

Instead of burying yourself in a life of worries, why don’t you do something productive that will keep you occupied? Or better yet, if applicable, take action about the situation you are worrying about. Is it your health? Change your lifestyle! Is it about money? Think of ways that you can earn some extra cash! Think of it this way—every problem has a solution and worrying doesn’t help you come up with a solution. It stops you.  So – if you can DO something about the situation you are worrying about then DO it.  If there is nothing you can do about it – then stop worrying – because it really isn’t helping you.

Talk about it.

Sometimes, some good advice from a close friend or a family member helps you to stop worrying about something. As they say, “A problem shared is a problem halved!” This is true. However, make sure that you go to the right person. Who is the wrong person then? Discussing your worries with someone who is also a worrier themselves will probably worsen your situation. Talk it out with someone whom you know will encourage you and give you pieces of good advice to make you feel better and eliminate—not reproduce—the monsters in your head.

Fill your mind with pleasant thoughts.

You can stop worrying by inviting pleasant instead of negative thoughts in your mind. Reading books that provide positive messages or informative content is one way to do it. If you hate reading, you can watch some feel-good movies too. How about listening to your favorite upbeat song? It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you divert yourself from unpleasant thoughts that could lead you to start worrying again. You have full control of your thoughts so make the most of that power.

Stop worrying and start living. It’s never too late to be worry-free so now is the best time to do it! If you need more guidance in changing your life, feel free to get in touch and be empowered


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