How to transform your life

Is life a struggle? Do you feel stuck or trapped? Perhaps you have low self-esteem, find it hard to get on with people, or have confidence issues. It could be that your past experiences are holding you back, disempowering you, leaving you feeling not good enough and not worthy.

Sounding familiar? Then Angelika Breukers’ workshops will help you change your attitude towards life. She will affirm that you can change your Attitude, Beliefs and Confidence through a system of three steps – with her Change4Life formula.

If you are open-minded to change and can contemplate how life could be, then you can change your attitude. Angelika’s workshops will help you change your story to change your life – it’s only your story that keeps you stuck in your current mindset, or in a negative attitude. Gain a positive attitude by changing your story!

Workshop A – The Open Mind Attitude AdaptorTM

In this workshop, through a series of discussions, we will go back to basics and find a new level to build you up from. We will talk about accepting where you’ve come from so that you can move on from it. Acknowledging your past, you will become aware of how it’s affected you, which in turn will help you to change your attitude to your life.

The Wheel of Life shows the areas in which you can improve – work, self-development, health, wealth, family, social situations. In fact, your total well-being. One of the crucial aspects we’ll work on is improving assertiveness. By being more assertive, you become more able to express negative thoughts and feelings in a healthy and positive manner.Ultimately,you will develop the tools to make change, enhance your life, and understand how to create good intentions through goal setting.

Workshop B – The Inner Balance BlueprintTM

In this second workshop, we talk about realigning your sense of balance and belief, and how to support your new beliefs with your new attitudes, as learnt in Workshop A. We will work more on enhancing and affirming those attitudes until they become second nature. The aim is to get rid of your limiting beliefs, instead creating positive, life-enhancing beliefs through making brave and bold choices.

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; a sense of harmony. It helps you to maintain a certain quality of life. When making essential changes in life, things can get a bit unbalanced for a while. This workshop helps you find those skills to create that balance through nurturing yourself, understanding what your priorities are, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and more.We will help you to be the best you can be!

Workshop C – The Complete Change CreatorTM

So we’ve worked through changing your attitude. We’ve changed your beliefs. Now, in this third workshop, we help you come to terms with your changes, and remind you that you have choices!

Life is made up of choices. We can’t always make the safe choice, because that can lead to an uninspired and unsuccessful life. But because we are now assertive, we are brave enough to make the right choices in life. For instance, choosing to go to that important, life-changing job interview. Choosing to go on that trip of a lifetime through India, South America or Asia. Choosing to be happy!



T hings

Stop negative thoughts, reduce stress and increase confidence

The Change4Life Workshops will help you to Accept, be Brave and Change your attitude towards life, and provide you with positive thinking techniques.You’ll find yourself feeling more confident, leaving any negative thoughts behind. And that sense of freedom will lead on to a deeper contentment and less stress, which in turn helps you to feel happiness, gain clarity and lead a more successful life.

The ABChange4Life workshops will help you do just that – change your life!Even just the first workshop – The Open Mind Attitude Adaptor – will give you a good base to work from. After that, you may decide that you would get more from Angelika’s one-to-one sessions where she devotes her attention just to you.

To transform your life for the better, get in touch for further information, or to book yourself onto the next workshop.

No time like the present – Act now, be Brave, make that Choice and do it!

“A bad attitude is like a flat tyre – you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”