Free to be Me, The ABC of being truly yourself

By Angelika Breukers

Do you sense that your past is holding you back? Are your fears preventing you from moving forwards? Do you identify with the words, 'Is this all there is?' and 'It'll never happen for me?' Is it always 'Why me?' or 'Why not me?'? Free to be Me is a wonderful little book. Very easy to read, it offers a very simple ABC of hope and change for those of us who feel trapped in the past, watching as everyone except us reaps the rewards of life.

Free to be Me speaks to those of us who believe we are stuck at the bottom of the ladder, looking up, seeing everyone else enjoying the success at the top because they are simply 'better', fearing that we will never make it because we are just not worthy or talented or good enough. Free to be Me is not a complicated process. Its ABC steps enable us to use the past as a springboard for change, to climb the ladder, to create the life we want and to enjoy the view from the top. Through the author's honest sharing of her own life through abuse and hardship, we see that anything is possible.

“Angelika shares her very personal story in this book. The world needs more honesty like this; it is a true tale of courage and determination.”

Dr Joanna Martin – Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Clients Say:

I recommend her book if you’re feeling stuck, at any level, to inspire you and to mobilise you to make the next steps towards living a life you love. Ellen W – Book Testimonial

What a wonderful little book! So easy to read – truly an ABC! – Yet so full of just the right messages for anyone who has been abused. You accurately describe the emotional reactions that a child experiences when she has been abused, how the emotions stay with you and how they affect your view of yourself and of the world. You also describe what an abuser does to groom their victims, and how you believed you were the bad one – the feeling shared by other children, even as adults! Sexual abuse has a profound, immeasurable effect on the psyche of a child, and it is wonderful that you have been guided to the most important principles of healing, starting with self Acceptance.

May this small work find its way into many hands that need it. There are so many that don’t know about the importance of self-acceptance and the magic of forgiveness. May all who read it feel inspired to find their Uniqueness and value it above all temptations to conform, to hide, forget or ignore

Carla van Raay – Book Testimonial

Angelika is the epitome of determination, demonstrating a clarity of purpose and an inner knowledge that she does not have to be defined by her experiences. Honest, thoughtful and full of hope, this book seeks to take the reader to a comforting place of knowing that you can change your life

Lisa Cherry – Book Testimonial

Kind and wise is how I would summarise this book. Even the most cynical or weary reader will be moved by Angelika’s brutally honest account of her life and the lessons she has learned. I felt uplifted and privileged after reading Angelika’s reflections. At no point did I feel that I was being preached to or made to feel guilty. Angelika’s recommendations really are what valuable advice should be: practical, non-judgmental, and easy-to-understand. I am blessed with a happy and fulfilled life, and yet I still paused whilst reading Angelika’s book and thought: “That is so simple, I must apply this thought process myself”. Although spare moments are precious, do take the time to read this book and enjoy the rewards of doing so

Richie – Book Testimonial

An inspirational book which shows, whatever our personal story, we have the ability to turn things around and experience the life we want and all deserve.

Irene Dymond – Book Testimonial

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