Me and Marie

ABC Membership

You have done amazing work so far!


This is the last thing I want to happen right now, but when life takes over again after spending focused time on yourself, it can be tough to keep moving forwards.

We all start with good intentions, but without support and having a space to air our feelings, things can get tough again.

This is a long journey rather than a miracle overnight cure, which is why I have set up the membership meetings. Sometimes all you need is a patient, listening ear, to keep your story moving forward.

Angelika will hold this safe space for you on Zoom and give guidance when needed.

If you would like to join us in these sessions, these are the two packages we have on offer:






Next Steps

If this sounds interesting, the best next step is to get on a 30-minute call with me, so we can connect and see what working together to achieve the changes you would like would look like.